Canzona Back Issues

The following back issues of Canzona may be purchased from CANZ for $30 each (or $22 for members). If you would like to order a back issue, or if you wish to contribute to Canzona in some way, please email the editor at

Canzona 2009, Vol. 30
Canzona 2008
, Vol. 29 (Publication date: April 2011)
Canzona 2007, Vol. 28 (Publication date: April 2010)
Canzona 2006, Vol. 27 (Publication date: February 2009)
Canzona 2005, Vol. 26 (Publication date: June 2007)
Canzona 2004, Vol. 25 (Publication date: August 2006)

All Canzonas include:

Editorial • President’s Report • 5 Regional Reports • Crossword • Fees guidelines • CD Reviews • List of Members’ Premieres

Canzona 2002 contents

  • Pressing Needs
    Gillian Whitehead examines the history and work of the recipient of the 2002 KBB Citation for Services to NZ Music: Waiteata Press
  • Finding your way out
    Michael Norris on Penny Axtens, winner of the Music 2000 Prize and 2002 CANZ Trust Fund Award
  • Eddie’s Wall
    Ian Dando reports on the showing of John Cousins’s masterpiece
  • Selling Ourselves
    John Psathas interviews International Festival of the Arts director Carla van Zon about the role of New Zealand music in the festival
  • Gay Sensibility in the Music of Douglas Lilburn
    Jack Body’s essay on whether Lilburn’s homosexuality manifested itself in his music
  • Finding Common Ground
    Jack Body interviews Balinese composer, performer and resident artist at Victoria University of Wellington, I Wayan Gde Yudane
  • Changing Verlaines
    Anthony Ritchie interviews Dunedin Sound icon, Graeme Downes
  • Half-Heard Sounds in the Summer Air
    A summary of Douglas Lilburn’s contribution to New Zealand musique concrète
  • Nelson Composers Workshop 2002—A Report
    Alan Wells reports on the annual gathering of composers
  • The New Zealand Writers & Composers Magazine: No. 1
    Unearthed in a Dunedin op-shop: a priceless gem

Canzona 2001 contents

  • The breath of life
    Allan Thomas interviews Richard Nunns, recipient of the KBB CANZ Citation for Services to Music for 2001
  • A window on the world of Rachel Clement
    Glenda Keam fills us in on Rachel Clement, the recipient of the CANZ Trust Fund Award for 2001
  • Out of thin air
    Building an Aeolian Harp for display in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens is a labour of love for Chris Cree Brown
  • The unusual suspects
    Alan Wells reports on the 2001 Nelson Composers Workshop
  • Of sound minds
    The 2001 artists-in-residence at Victoria University School of Music uncover the inner life of sounds
  • Photo essay
    A collection of images recalling the life of Douglas Lilburn
  • Of time and fire
    An appreciation of Neville Hall’s work commended at the 2001 International Rostrum of Composers
  • Music & evolution
    Kerry Stevens interviews Edwin Carr on the occasion of his 75th birthday
  • In the deep south
    Alison Isadora on her year spent in Dunedin
  • The strange case of Antiorp
    Michael Norris is contacted by an infamous, but mysterious entity who turns out to be better-known to him than originally thought
  • For a good cause
    Leonie Holmes interviews Alan Kemp of KBB Music
  • Music for quiet spaces
    Dorothy Ker on an environment-specific project in the U.K.
  • New Zealand Music Week 2001
    Peter Mechen reviews a series of concerts featuring New Zealand music that occurred in Wellington during May 2001

Canzona 2000 contents

  • Eve de Castro-Robinson & Dorothea Franchi
    Glowing tributes by Gareth Farr and William Dart
  • A year down south
    Mozart Fellow Ross Carey recalls his year in Dunedin
  • The young and the restless
    Alan Wells on new sounds and new voices from the Nelson Composers Workshop
  • Auf wiedersehen, Pärt!
    John Young on New Zealand music in the International Computer Music Conference in Berlin
  • Symphony and sashimi
    John Elmsly & Michael Norris report on the Asian Composers League conference in Yokohama
  • Ligeti Junction
    Chris Watson on Stroma, the new kid on the contemporary music block
  • Trial by fire
    Penny Axtens on winning the Music 2000 Prize
  • A life in music
    Anthony Ritchie’s tribute to Jack Speirs, composer, teacher, conductor, performer, musician
  • Sax and violins
    Ross Hendy on John Psathas’s new saxophone concerto featuring jazz god Michael Brecker
  • Sunda and lightning
    Jack Body on Agus Supriawan
  • Breaking the sound barriers
    Rachel Clement reports on Sonic Broom: New Zealander composers coming together for their own talkfest
  • SOUNZ Contemporary Award
  • Send in the clowns
    David Sanders writes about Amalgam
  • A wonderful life
    Roger Wilson’s obituary for Dorothy Freed